Friday, March 21, 2008

Pharyngula: EXPELLED!

This is just too rich!

P.Z. Myers has a terrific blog (see my Blogroll), the go-to place for sanity in re science and theology.

If you've been a regular reader of Pharyngula, you are aware of a little movie called:

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, which features Prof. Myers in interviews obtained under false pretenses.

Prof. Myers went to a pre-release screening of the movie last night at Minnesota's Mall of America. Here's the story:

"I went to attend a screening of the creationist propaganda movie, Expelled, a few minutes ago. Well, I tried … but I was Expelled!...

...I'm still laughing though. You don't know how hilarious this is. Not only is it the extreme hypocrisy of being expelled from their Expelled movie, but there's another layer of amusement. Deep, belly laugh funny. Yeah, I'd be rolling around on the floor right now, if I weren't so dang dignified...

...They singled me out and evicted me, but they didn't notice my guest. They let him go in escorted by my wife and daughter. I guess they didn't recognize him. My guest was …
Richard Dawkins."

I'm tellin' ya, ya just can't make this kind of stuff up!

The hypocrisy and stupidity of the IDiots is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Make sure to check out the comments. Just don't read while drinking or your monitor will wind up needing servicing or replacement. Same goes for laptops w/out spill-resistant keyboards!

Catch you later.....

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