Saturday, November 14, 2009

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Meeping Marklars!


Don't know what it means? Don't worry -- most people over the age of 22 don't either.

A school principal
threatens to suspend students who mimic a Muppet character.

But the nonsense word -- which apparently started with the 1980s Muppet character Beaker -- is causing a lot of teeth-gnashing for adults at one Massachusetts high school. They have gone so far as to threaten suspension for students caught meeping.

Now the police and lawyers are involved. From Jonathan Turley:

After reading the recent publications over the decision of the principal of Danvers High School banning students from saying the word “Meep,” Entertainment lawyer Theodora Michaels decided to act and wrote a letter using the four-letter word to Principal Thomas Murray, who comes across as a high school version of Dean Vernon Wormer from Animal House. She was immediately reported to the police for investigation by the school.

The comments at FARK are worth a look: "He embiggened this problem by using a very non-cromulent solution."

When marklars attempt to restrict the marklars of young marklars, all marklar can break out. If you keep a cool marklar when all about you marklars are losing their marklar you can achieve your marklar and set a good marklar for the young marklars. Marklar!

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