Friday, July 15, 2016

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did I Stutter?

My favorite refrigerator magnet reads:

"Please, Jesus, protect me from your followers."

Saw some "Christian Martyrs" in a documentary this eve.

Substitute Mohamed for Jesus and Allah for God in their spiel and you have the American Taliban.  Freepers n'such would call for their destruction but since jeebus, OK.

FFS, I loath hypocrisy.

Gonna fume now, catch you later.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Give 'em Hell, Harry...Truman 1948

What a Radical! OMG! Communists everywhere...

"We know where the Republicans stand, and we know where the Democrats stand, and I brought those issues to the country, my friends...

...I have traveled up and down this Nation 22,000 miles since the campaign started, and 9,100 miles on a nonpolitical campaign before the campaign started...

...I have told the people that there is just one big issue in this campaign and that's the people against the special interests...

...The Republicans stand for special interests, and they always have...

...The Democratic Party, which I now head, stands for the people--and always has stood for the people...

...The Democrats have believed always that the welfare of the whole people should come first, and that means that the farmers, labor, small businessmen, and everybody else in the country should have a fair share of the prosperity that goes around... of the first things that the Democratic administration did was to inaugurate a charter for labor, a bill of rights for labor, known as the Wagner Labor Relations Act. And under that Wagner Labor Relations Act, the wages of labor are three times what they were in....

...Now, there is another issue between me and this Congress on which we didn't agree, and that was education. There was an education bill to help the States, introduced into this Congress; and it passed the Senate. And it provided $300 million to be allocated to the States on the same basis that we allocate the road money to help build roads. But the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives wouldn't let the House vote on that bill....

...Then I asked this Congress to do something about the health of the people of this country. I asked them for health insurance. I asked them for hospitals. You know, in this country there are two classes of people that get all the medical care that they ought to have; and that is the fellow who has got a million dollars at this end of the scale, and the fellow that hasn't got a cent at this end. But the people in the middle, the large number of people in the middle between those two classes, can't afford to go to a hospital, they can't afford to pay what it costs, sometimes; and they can't afford sometimes even to pay the doctor's bill, after they get service..."

Not much seems to have changed, eh?

My favorite Prez. give 'em hell, Harry.  Catch you later...

(Happy Holidays, to all, of whatever sort. For me, have a great Solstice...)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mitt Romney - Harbinger of Doom

When I think of the presumptive Republic Candidate,
I am reminded of a bon mot thrown out in Psych 101...
The Egotist says, "I'm better than other people."
The Narcissist says, "There are other people?"
Is Mitt a narcissist with egotistical tendencies?
Or just an egotist who thinks it's his turn?
That there is even a contest troubles me greatly.
No longer a fan of Mr. Obama, but the alternative....
Should scare the shit out of a thinking person.

Catch you later.....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rick Perry "Strong"

Link from here

If you talk to god(s), you're spiritual....
If god(s) talk to you, you're nuts.

Catch you later.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

American History w/ Mr Wuhl

A personal favorite, Robert Wuhl, gives a remarkable demonstration of how to teach these kids today.

He uses his humorous gift, practiced stage presence, pop culture references and arcane facts along with multi-media to spellbind students with the idea that history repeats itself, pop culture is history and we've been here before.

He is hopeful we'll get through it, again.

I'm withholding judgement.

Four parts for the first episode, three for the second, all the links are there @ YouTube.

Does anyone else have the eerie feeling that "Idiocracy" might prove to be prophetic?

Catch you later.....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Republican Evolution

Found on Reddit w/out attribution. If any one knows who should get the credit, please leave a note in comments.

Paul Krugman notes the anti-science, anti-intelligence problem Huntsman has with the GOP base. A major political party may nominate either a moron or a panderer for the office of President. After seeing Bush re-elected, I fear one or the other may win.

Never underestimate the size of the Fat, Stupid, God-fearing, Gun-toting electorate or how they can be turned out by fear of "the unknown".

Catch you later.....

Edit:  (9/9/11) Attribtion..... Marc Murphy!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Letter to Darrell Issa

Dear Congressman,

It must now be obvious to even the most obtuse amongst us; You and your party are more committed to partisan party politics than you are to the best interests of the nation as a whole.
If you think this is a thing of no consequence, you are sorely mistaken.
Shame on you, sir, shame.

Most of the current problem is of your party's making. And now you demand the “African” fix it. Shame on you.
Statesmanship is what is called for. Statesmanship.

You are my elected representative. I ask you to do what's right. Vote a clean hike. Tackle the budget separately.

Are you a Republican first or an American first?

looks great, out on the morning fax.

Catch you later.....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiger and Stevie

Picture from my friend, Dr Zaius.

What must it have felt like? So much for loyalty.....

Catch you later.....