Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lester Maddox - Teabaggin' in 1965

Is this the original teabagger?

Handy checklist:
     1)  Hates Democratic President (y)
     2)  Hates Socialism (y)
     3)  Hates Communism (y)
     4)  Supports Racist (y)
     5)  Supports Moneyed Elite (y)
     6)  Supports Unfettered Capitalism (y)
     7)  Supports Discrimination (y)
     8)  American Exceptionalist (y)
     9)  Misspelled Sign (n)
    10) Fat and poorly dressed (n)

Forty-five years ago and he scores eight out of ten.

Seriously, how big are the differences between this racist cracker and the average Fox News viewer?

I remember Lester Maddox as one of the most despicable men of the time and the resemblance to the "patriots" poisoning our political landscape today is inescapable.  The tree hasn't fallen too far from the nut.

Catch you later.....