Monday, March 17, 2008

Many Questions...One Answer

What makes it preferable to lend 30 billion dollars to a giant financial concern, to buy another, failing financial giant (at bargain basement rates!) rather than to lend that money to individuals and families faced with the loss of their homes due to the mortgage machinations of said financial corporations?

How is it that Barack Obama is held responsible for things that pass the lips of a former pastor (religious nut) while the media glosses over the insane rantings that emanate from the mouth of a pastor (religious nut) who endorses Obama's presumptive opponent? How is Pastor Huckabee (religious nut) saner, kinder, more responsible, more American than Pastor Wright?

Why does Eliot Spitzer find it necessary to quit the public stage when David "Diapers" Vitter, Larry (I got rythym) Craig and Bill "Falafel King" Oreilly are still employed?

What entitles the government to poke its nose into every corner of our lives, restrict our constitutional rights, and pour the country's treasure down a black hole while becoming more secretive and protective of the privacy rights of the criminals and conspirators pillaging the Constitution and our nation?

Which is worse? Screwing the country or screwing an intern? How do we allow a sitting president to be impeached for fibbing at a deposition when the current office-holder gets a pass for blatantly lying us into a ruinous and illegal war?

Qui bono? Who benefits?

The ruling classes.

We do the sweating, they get the equity.

Catch you later.....

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