Monday, March 24, 2008

Bush Fatigue

After 7 years of increasingly depressing, outrageous stunts from this sorry excuse for an administration, I've finally succumbed to emotional fatigue.

When reading, then hearing how it is poor George who is bearing a disproportionate burden from 5 years of illegal war, I should have erupted in outrage.

When an Olympic-caliber jackass like Cheney responds to overwhelming public sentiment in a democracy with a "So?", my head should have exploded.

When pondering the toll of this foreign policy cluster-f@#k on lives and the economy of our once great nation, my soul should ache.

Instead I seem capable of nothing more than rocking back and forth, groaning as if in pain and asking "How? How?".

How is it that the Dem's are capable only of family squabbles?

How can the Repugnicant be leading in the polls?

How can the press continue to abandon their most serious responsibility in favor of chasing pantless heiresses and covering cornflake auctions?

How do those doing most of the fighting, dying, working, paying, sacrificing just sit and take it without storming the palace gates?

Are you better off now that seven years ago? Thought not.

Where will this country be in five years? Ten? Fifty?

Are you looking forward to producing your papers to the authorities to travel? Vote?

Are you OK with Big Brother monitoring your most personal, private communications?

Are you happy that most of the work you do enriches others more than yourself?

Thought not.

Well, what are you going to do about it?

Catch you later.....

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