Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The You Tube Generation's First Election

The power of the InterTubes in national elections is vastly underestimated by people who should know better..

Barack Obama is redefining 21st Century politics.

Catch you later.....

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Anonymous said...

I giggled the whole way through.

Your larger point is well taken. I had Chris Dodd ask me to be his myspace pal. The Dems are way out in front with technology and understand the youtubes. The party, unorganized and messy as they are, have a rapid response id themselves on youtube. The House has its own youtube page under the Dems.

Mojopo said...

I love a good mash-up! Thanks for sharing this one, it's very funny.

I agree, McCain turned his back on technology. It cost him campaign contributions and makes him seem like an old fogey. Obama has been able to create a vast network of voters, and made a social network in the process. People like him, and they're having fun liking him.