Saturday, October 25, 2008

Three Red Hens: Letterpress & Design: Designs on the presidency: 50+ Manifestations of Design in the 2008 Campaign

The "Honest McCain Campaign Poster" thingy I've had goin' on here has come in for a little love from a blog devoted to Graphic Design.

I set out to find some of the best examples of graphic design & art from the 2008 campaign but have had a difficult time keeping it balanced. Graphic artists (and artists in general) haven't used their skills for McCain in the same way. Try Googling "McCain poster" versus "Obama poster". Even a poster competition on McCain's website wasn't enough to get the creatives going in the same way.

I tried to stick with the positive or at least light-hearted manifestations of design in this campaign, but there's plenty of negative out there too: There's the resurrection of 90s-style motivational posters parody on both sides (just look in the above "poster" Google searches—eek—just bad design) and everyone & their mom parodying or borrowing from Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama posters—see a few examples here, here, and kinda here (this last one scared me in the East Village the other day!). Of course there's also the Palin Poster Project.

In the end it's really the issues that matter. Just consider this a little eye candy reminder to vote. :-)

There are some really great designs and graphics at the post, be sure to check them out.

I'm very pleased and humbled that my modest efforts at political humor have been well received. It has been great fun.

And after the election (hurry up!) I hope to devote less time to the political and more posting of items of a more purely humorous nature. After eight years of BushCo we all need to learn to laugh again.

Catch you later.....

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