Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Honest McCain Poster #48 - he's really old edition

I wish to state, for the record, that if something, anything, untoward happens to Barack Obama, next week, next year, ten years from now, I am going to hold John McCain, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and the "base" responsible.

In the course of my day in our clinic, I speak to many different people from all parts of our society. And the chatter the last ten days or so has been all about the election and the economy.

There is a growing sense of a hopeful outcome from the 'regular folks', a sense that this time will be different, better.

Amongst certain other folks, however, there seems to be a growing sense of anger, frustration and, yes, violent impulse. I can't believe some of what I hear from people I have treated as a health care pro for 6+ years now. These are people I have cared for personally and professionally, have come to think of as part of our "extended family".

What I hear makes me fear for Sen. Obama's safety and that of his family. This isn't the anonymous bullshit we see too frequently on line. It's from mouth to ear, face to face and I see real hate in it.

And I blame the McCain campaign, top to bottom, for it.

It is in Sen. McCain's power to douse this fire, ignore it or to fuel it. Let his character at last be revealed.

Catch you later.....


Mojopo said...

Excellent post. At first I wanted to shout, "Whars the beef?" and then read your comments.

It is chilling, to the bone, what some white folks are saying about Obama. Like you, I will hold McCain, Palin and the GOP responsible if any harm comes to that man. I can't believe how insanely hateful some people are, and for every time McCain and Palin do not have the police remove a nut from their rallies, it only provides a platform for another nut. McCain should be ashamed.

GOPnot4me said...

If, as I fervently hope, Sen. Obama wins, I'm afraid it won't end.

Some of the opposition promises to make what was done to Clinton look like a picnic.

The most extreme are hoping that he not survive his term, indeed, they hope he doesn't make it to inauguration.

I heard one schmuck say, "If that ni**er gets elected, I hope somebody shoots his black ass."

The GOP doesn't want us to vote FOR McCain, they want us to vote AGAINST Obama.

It's all they have left.

nunya said...

Funny :)