Friday, October 3, 2008

Letterman Recaps Palins Debate Performance - You Tube

Remember, the road to the White House runs through Dave.

Catch you later.....

Update: In the later segment with Brian Williams, Dave brings up an interesting point. Did Caribou Barbie ask Sen. Biden if she could call him "Joe" just to set him up for the corny "Say it ain't so, Joe." schtick? Classy.

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Mojopo said...

Believe it or not, I was watching that. I'm with Dave - that was a total set-up. She's a snake. She will be back in four years. God help us.

Straight Talk on McCain said...

I don’t normally like edited clips, but this one is so spot on, it’s pretty funny.

GOPnot4me said...

Fey as Palin: "Do you mind if I call you Joe? I've got a couple zingers..."