Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McBush - Could It Be More Clear ?

From Lee Judge at the Kansas City Star.

Why aren't the people in charge of the Democratic campaigns, across the board, hammering on this, the only relevant argument that pierces the BS?

Why is this race even close? Is Obama going to make Gore's mistake?

Make the race about Bush. Who in the hell is better off today than they were, say just 10 years ago? Certainly not me. How about you?

What about:

The economy? The military? National prestige? Juris Prudence? Homeland Defense? The environment? Education? Veteran care? The Bill of Rights?

Puhleez! We could go on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Let's define McCain as Bush and beat the Repugnicants over the head with W, over and over again. And then yet again. Till the last low information (snark) dullard "gets it".

That is all, catch you later.....

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Anonymous said...

How can the polls be so close? McCain raises 27 mil in July, Obama raises 51. Obama draws thousands to hear him speak, McCain can't fill an aisle in a grocery store. Notice how we never saw the audience in Sturgis, we only heard it? If no one is donating money and no one is listening, then who is answering the poll questions? And why are the polls so close.