Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Candidate We Still Don’t Know - Frank Rich - NY Times OpEd

Frank Rich looks at Grandpa McSame's unchallenged narrative:

"...What is widely known is the skin-deep, out-of-date McCain image. As this fairy tale has it, the hero who survived the Hanoi Hilton has stood up as rebelliously in Washington as he did to his Vietnamese captors. He strenuously opposed the execution of the Iraq war; he slammed the president’s response to Katrina; he fought the “agents of intolerance” of the religious right; he crusaded against the G.O.P. House leader Tom DeLay, the criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff and their coterie of influence-peddlers.

With the exception of McCain’s imprisonment in Vietnam, every aspect of this profile in courage is inaccurate or defunct."...

And yet this demonstrably false meme persists with much of the public and the MSM. Go figure.

Great piece, be sure to read the whole thing.

Catch you later.....

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