Saturday, August 9, 2008

China & U.S. Birds of a Feather?

From The Independent of Britain.

Under the current administration we have become the thing we hate.

Catch you later.....


Anonymous said...

I love hating my country. I am glad us Democrats accept the distruction of our country just so Mr. Bush looks bad. Thank God I mean thank Allah that the entire press is ours. It should guarentee that Senator Obama get elected. There is no way we can lose with the press in our back pocket. I forgot why we hate our troops. Oh yeah, the more that die the more Mr. Bush looks bad. Who cares that they give their lives to defend our freedom. I feel like burning an American flag, that will help me feel less bitter. I love being a hostile liberal. If a Republican challenges you always go hostile then we dont have to lie to defend our position. I have learned to be a better lier from my hero President Clinton. Crummy troops should not be allowed to vote. There is nothing wrong with President Clinton giving North Korea Nuclear reactors so they can make 200 nuclear bombs per year. Since we hate America and they hate America we dont have to worry about them usint them on us. Treason against America is great. I love president Clintons Chinagate. We helped the Chinese aim their long range balistic missles more accurately at us for campaign contributions who cares. WE deserve to get nuked because we caused all the problems around the world. We are American Capitalistic pigs. We are actually getting the stupid republicans to believe in global warming. I love being a bitter greasy Liberal that has no morality.

Anonymous said...

As a Republican, I love my lead-laced American flag lapel pin made in China by the sweat of a 9 year old's brow. Thank my plastic Jesus, I have Fox News and the rest of the media reading my GOP talking points from the press release.

And thank Diebold for delivering those elections as promised. Senile McCain should have no problem sailing to victory...the mentally impaired are all the more easy for neocons to control.

I love being a closet homosexual like so many of my Grand Ol' Perv friends. It's pure bliss to watch Edwards falter while I take it in the butt from my manly Christian pastor.

And how can I not swell with pride at the idea of our relations with Russia. With our Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice being fluent and educated in Russian language and culture, relations have hit an abysmal low.

Treason by an American President and a Republican administration is great whether it's outing a CIA agent or taking the country to war by lying. Nothing like sending young men and women to die when I was too much of a chicken shit to ever take up arms for my nation. I have made myself and my friends even richer by investing in war profiteering ventures. In fact, next time I bend over for my pastor, I think I'll have him wrap his piece in $100 bills. I'll have the Reverend call me America and I'll call him Mr. President. It'll be an exquisite metaphor.

GOPnot4me said...

Good one, WriteChic !

Don't you love the poor spelling, grammar and 'humor' of your average wing-nut troll?

As an honorably discharged, decorated, disabled Vet, I am willing to wager our anonymous friend has never served a single day in uniform.

Much like a certain windbag at the National Review we know as Doughy Pantload.

Jonah Goldberg and I had an interesting E-Mail exchange two years ago.

When I challenged his commitment to war in Iraq, asked him why he wasn't first in line at the recruitment center, his sputtering reply was much like Anonymous' comment. Fragmented, illogical, simply ridiculous.

Pretty easy to sound off if it isn't your ass on the line.

Anon probably has a closet full of guns right next to the tin-foil hat rack.

Anonymous said...

You know I read that McTrolls were being hired to post that kind of shit on progressive blogs.

GOPers just need to disband or regroup or rebrand, whatever, just know when to shut up already.