Saturday, April 18, 2009

Teabagger Logic - Kevin Siers

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From NOM (nom), to 2M4M, to "Teabagging", I have been absolutely LMAO for weeks now.

These morans are so clueless, so lacking in self-awareness that it boggles the mind. Check out the claims of total victory over the 'Usurper' and his enablers at any teabag site. Just, wow.

Not at all funny are the calls for revolution, insurrection or armed rebellion coming from asshats like Beck, Hannity, Goldberg, Malkin or Colter. Fox has blood on it's corporate hands already. Is it not enough?

I recall someone saying once that elections have consequences. So when the right doesn't just lose but is repudiated their response is a call to arms?!?!? Liars and hypocrites? Absolutely! Patriots? Ahem, sadly, no.

Any claim they make to a higher form of patriotism is pure bull. The real danger to our nation is on the right, not the left.

Catch you later.....

P.S. According to David Letterman, Limbaugh's dog is praying for Bo Obama to fail as first dog.


Anonymous said...

Crazy shit, eh? It's like everyday's the Sunday Funnies. What's next?

GOPnot4me said...

As the rats leave the sinking ship, the BS, stupidity and ignorance becomes ever more concentrated.

"New and Improved Stoopid: More Concentrated than ever before!"

Just when I think they can go no lower.....

Anonymous said...

they didn't go anywhere, my father was one of those people at the major tea party in washington on 9/12, he was standing up against the democratic massacre of the united states, this tree hugging socialist ball of crap being forced down our throats by the democratic regime in power

Jim said...

Seeing as NATURE is the only thing keeping tea-baggers and everyone else ALIVE (no invisible God has ever been documented), these nature-hating, resource-wasting 'baggers should consider hugging more trees and fewer guns.