Friday, March 20, 2009

I Tried Going Galt...

but the Internet survived!

Well, so much for that theory!

I just finished watching Mr. Obama on Leno out here in Pacific Daylight Time land. I had been forewarned by Rachel and Keith and several wing-nut websites that our president had made a faux pas vis-a-vis the Special Olympics. Something about his abysmal bowling skills.

As a former Special Olympics volunteer, dedicated to the memory of my late sister Kathy (severely mentally retarded, challenged, whatever) I'm especially attuned to BS in this area.

Some say I'm overly sensitive.

My take on this, after viewing for myself, is; "So What!"

I'm not offended and I'm sure I speak for my family, none of whom bowl worth a shit I might add, and I find this a tempest in a teapot.

At a typical Special Olympics bowling prelim, our president would finish in the middle of the pack with a 129. So what!?!

You just know that Michelle or Drudge or Rush or Billo or Calamity will make something of this.

Well, I lived and breathed it and I say "fuck 'em".

Catch you later.....

1 comment:

writechic said...

Hear, hear. I'll second that much ado about squat. Any press is good press for the Special Olympics (I say as a former volunteer and sister of a former SO athlete.)