Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rush's Greatest Hits - Countdown

Just 11% of Republicans Say Limbaugh Is Their Party’s Leader (Rasmussen)

Well, if not this drug addict sex tourist, who then?

I've sure been enjoying this. Doesn't make up for the last eight years, though.

Catch you later.....


PFL0W said...

the thing is, this is all a very amusing sideshow.


Michael Steele having to fight Rush "Porkulus" Limbaugh, the rednecks, conservatives and rest of the Repugnicans is just an amusement.

GM's auditors, in the meantime, say GM probably won't make it. Does anyone know how many more people would be unemployed if that happens?

We've given one insurance company--AIG--$175 billion to survive.

It's all crazy and much more serious.

(but,hey, at least there is something to laugh about, on the side).

GOPnot4me said...

I agree with you that we have a problem bigger than any in my lifetime and I was a Truman baby.

Schadenfruede, however, can be a pleasant diversion.

My parents and grandparents always talked of how a sense of humor and positive mental outlook made the difference between coping and despair during the Depression.

Now we see how we measure up.

PFL0W said...

we'll see how me measure up, anyway.

hopefully well.k