Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun With Ditto-Heads

During the run-up to the election, Kevin, our mail carrier at the office, and I had a lot of fun driving the Ditto-head in the cubicle next to his crazy with graphics from the toobz.

I would print out something guaranteed to drive the Ditto-head to the brink, like Tom Tomorrow's excellent strip or my latest "Honest McCain Campaign Poster" and Kevin would take it in, tape it to their common divider and wait for hilarity to ensue.

His description of D.H.'s meltdowns the day after were terrific entertainment.

Kevin tells us that since Election day, D.H. has been sullen and withdrawn.

That ended yesterday. Kevin came in to find a headline clipped from our local right-wing cage-liner:

"I Screwed Up" Obama says about his pick

was the headline and the note attached said "nice president".

Kevin reported that D.H. was quite pleased with himself and our President's recent mis-steps.

I copied the clipping and note and sent it back with an observation or two:

"Wow. I'm impressed! A president smart enough to recognize a mistake when he sees one. And man enough to own up to it. What a refreshing change!

After eight years of gob-smackingly stupid errors, mistakes, lies and colossal fuck-ups, all aWol could come up with was 'Mission Accomplished' and Bring It On'.

Not only is Bush not man enough to admit a mistake, he has not mind enough to see one.

Stick with the GOP and it's new chairman, Rash Limpballs. It's really working out for ya', you betcha.

Give me Palin and the Plumber in 2012 and the GOP will be as relevant as the Whigs."

I am awaiting his reply.

Catch you later.....

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