Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a Day...

Well, this was one of those days...

The patient load was heavy, the Dr. was cranky and the front office seemed paralyzed by... well, whatever. It was Friday.

And then I heard one that takes the cake.

A person new to our office remarked, "You're busier than a one-armed paper-hanger."


"You know, I got fired two years ago for saying that."

I begged his pardon, glanced at the chart and saw he was an IT professional.

"Yup, got fired from (Un-named Software Giant)."

Naturally I was all WTF?

"Yup. Said I was insensitive to the disabled. Pissed off some guy in a wheelchair, he complained to Human Resources and I was gone in less than a week."

Weren't you angry, didn't you do something about it? I asked.

"Nope. Got hired by their main rival within the week for more money. Screw 'em."

You know, despite the fact that everything worked out for him, seems to me that this is another good example of PC run amok. People, lighten up, fer gawdsakes!

Catch you later.....

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