Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Barack, You've let us down...(is there a difference?)

Dear Barack

My enthusiasm wanes


Before, Capital Punishment

And then , faith-based B.S.?!?

Gun control...

Death Penalty...

What's next? Problems with Roe v. Wade?

Time to re-read the first ten amendments to our Constitution. That is what is at stake.

For the first time in a generation, a democrat can safely run on Democratic Principles with no fear of condemnation, no need to run to the center. Here we are, Democrats, this is what we are, what we stand for, at a time when principles are what the electorate calls out for. Change is what is most desired.

And then you cave, after a promise! The FISA vote will go into the history books as a black day for democracy,

These days, one only needs to see where the overwhelming majority of Americans want to go and then get out in front. At this time in our history, leadership should be easy. Get with the program, ride the wave, enjoy the ride and never forget who got you there.

Don't make me wish Hillary had prevailed. Neither you nor she were my first, second, or even third choice. If, however, in the end she should prove to have bigger balls than yours, well, my face will be red.

Show us you stand for something, before we conclude you are just another politician who stands for nothing, except getting elected.

The opportunity before you has not existed in my lifetime since JFK. Real change is do-able if courage is yours. The risk for you is not really so great. The risk for our country looms much larger. Courage, Sir, Courage. Principles matter. Your legacy has already begun, don't sully it any further.

Catch you later.....

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