Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Katie Couric - Serious Journalist?

SusanG at DailyKos has a nice take on the shameless, partisan abandonment of journalistic standards and ethics at CBS.

Here in SoCal, satellite TV means we see KO on MSNBC before the CBS Evening News, so of course I was going over to see how the Big Eye's west coast feed would play.

And yes, KO, Susan G, et al were quite spot on. Katie's in the tank for McLame.

But what shocked was what preceeded the McLame piece.

WHAT the hell was that performance with Obama all about? She wouldn't stop trying to pull a Gotcha' on Obama, coming back over and over again to a simplistic, illogical either/or choice regarding the surge.

Unless you're an IT Pro, don't Google: Katie Couric Serious Journalist. Now my computer smells funny.

Catch you later.....

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