Tuesday, May 6, 2008

John McCain: Maverick? - Washington Bureau

A senior adviser to John McCain says the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign is now talking with senior White House staff everyday.

President Bush and McCain, former GOP rivals, “have an excellent relationship,” Charlie Black said at a lunch hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Black said McCain is “not a protégé” of President Bush and would not be an extension of Bush’s presidency as Democrats have claimed.

He cited McCain’s differences with Bush on federal spending and the initial war strategy, but was clear that Bush’s White House team is helping the presumptive Republican nominee at every turn of the campaign.

Black said the White House got a “head’s up” earlier this week before McCain called out Bush for his poor handling of hurricane Katrina in 2005...

Oh, John, you're such a maverick!

All aboard the Double Talk Express!

Sheesh, catch you later.....

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