Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jay Leno, I apologize.

If you read the previous post, I made fun of an Email I received purporting to be the comments of comedian Jay Leno. As noted at the end, I was skeptical that the comments were truly his. After trying unsuccessfully to find any mention of it on Snopes, I went ahead and hit "Publish".

Well, my skepticism was well founded. A reader left the link I couldn't find showing that, indeed, Jay Leno was NOT responsible for the comments sent to me.

Courtesy of Zeno, here's the link:

Thank you Zeno, for helping me get it right.

Mr. Leno, I apologize.

To the true author, Craig R. Smith, you are the schmuck I was making fun of. Pfffttt!

Catch you later.....

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