Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greetings from Omaha!

After 20+ years of living in San Diego County, I can confidently assert that Omaha weather sucks!

If it were not for my enduring fondness, affection and respect for family (and I really love my extended family!), life-long friends, a decent steak, there is really nothing that would bring me back.

In Nebraska, one can count on two good months per year... One in the Fall and one in the Spring. (Apparently I am in possesion of a faulty calender! This is the lousiest last week of May ever!)

Plains farmers are an unusual people; as a "city boy" from Omaha (Creighton Prep, Class of '70) I did not get to know them until I married one of their women-folk. Let's just say that I am wiser and poorer for the experience. A hard-scrabble race live here. They are stouter than I.

Sadly, I find they are still fond of Bush and feel he is simply mis-understood by the "others" (such as Liberals, Progressives and people who don't venerate Faux News) who like to complicate things. As I've said, my folks are a simple people. Complexity is Satan's work. Nuance is hard... Black and White is easy.

Seeing my nieces and nephews so infequently over the years, the changes are startling. Life stops for no one. The years go by like slats on a picket fence one passes at an ever increasing speed. (Damn Relativity! I still feel young!)

However, quality tells in the long run, and I see only good futures ahead. Bumps and dents, sure, but in the long run, we're golden. (Never go against the family!).

Pundits have heralded the demise of the world for centuries and more. We're all still here. Life DOES go on, one way or another. Perhaps we worry too much.

When this is the face of the future, how can we go wrong?

Catch you later.....

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