Saturday, September 13, 2008

It gets down to race...

From the AP:

Obama Waffles (extremely offensive).

McCain's lead comes from whites.

I hear the mumblings all the time at the neighborhood watering hole.

"Can't see myself voting for him." is as nicely as it gets put.

These are mostly decent people, showing me a side of themselves I've never seen before.

I'm especially dissappointed with the ex Marines. They should know better.

One is a retired Colonel, 30 or so years, works hard to help vets of any service get their full benefits, white or black.

But I heard him say the most disgusting things about a "halfrican-American" in the White House, I scarcely believed my ears.

A dear friend, Jewish, family in Israel, tells me he/she can never vote for a (N-word), especially one who is a Muslim sympathizer.

Even family have let me down.

Don't kid yourself, in the end, McCain will play the race card (and it might work).

Catch you later.....

9/15/08 update: It's worse.

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