Saturday, September 27, 2008

BBC weighs in on Presidential Debate, Round One

From the BBC:

"I would say the two candidates finished more or less even on the issue of the economy - and the moderator, Jim Lehrer, even sounded a little frustrated as he tried and failed to get them to address how their economic plans might be changed by the virus of financial decay currently spreading through the banking system.


But in the foreign policy section of the debate, it seemed to me John McCain emerged a clear winner, although there were individual issues like Iraq on which the Democratic contender more or less held his own.


Mr Obama had some good moments on Iraq and was able to reel off a series of charges against Mr McCain, finishing each with the phrase: "You were wrong."


Expect much more on the economy in those confrontations and, if the polls show that Mr McCain's more aggressive tone has paid off in this first clash, expect all the debates which follow to be a little more bad-tempered and direct than this one."

Catch you later.....

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