Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chris Matthews Sucks!

I am the oldest of eight, from a very large extended family.

That said, Chris Matthews reminds me of the sibling who is always clamoring for attention, using the most outrageous palaver to gain notice.

The verbal garbage emanating from that mouth was always meant for nothing more than “look at me, love me, I'm something, too.”

Tweety is growing more and more confrontational for confrontation's sake. Tweety also has a hard-on for the Clinton's that just begs for professional intervention. He's like most compulsive talkers... He never listens, is always looking for the next bon mot, just to get noticed, to seem as smart as the rest. And what is the deal with him and McLame? Is BBQ sauce an aphrodisiac?

Nothing added by Tweety is worth the time needed to listen.

His performance today with Mr. Obama shows a needy striver at his worst.

MS-NBC used to be the cable news network of choice in these parts; now however, with the obvious exception of Keith Olberman, it has become merely noise and embarrassing at that. They should give Rachel Maddow a show immediately and give Tucker and Buchanan a shove just as soon.

What Matthews adds to the national dialog is the stuff of tabloid journalism. His knowledge of what concerns the man on the street is constrained by his beltway view. He is so enamored of his own shallow POV that he has become irrelevant.

I no longer watch MS-NBC (except for K.O.), just like I no longer listen to that certain sibling.

Life is short, egotistical B.S. is abundant, one must choose.

I've made my choice.... Fuck Chris Matthews and fuck MS-NBC.

Catch you later.....

Edit 1/29/2010:


Katie said...

I can totally sympathize with your feelings for MSNBC (minus K.O.), but perhaps you should take a look at Dan Abrams lately. I concede that he has displayed tool-ishness in the past, but his newfound interest in Bush's bastardization of the Justice Department has him earning more and more of my respect. Check him out.

About Rachel Maddow: I was cheering OUT LOUD when she subbed for K.O. last Friday. Give that woman a show, MSNBC!!!

Anonymous said...

We were all cheering to Rachel Maddow here last Friday. She needs a show. Let's see... how 'bout Hardball? Bet she wouldn't expect $5 mil, either...

--Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Bo the BFer said...

The current POTUS/TOTUS is the greenest president ever!
He no longer needs toilet tissue, he uses renewable resources.
These resources are the tongues of Stewart, Colbert, Olbermann,
Matthews, et al.
It's great the prez no longer needs to wipe.

GOPnot4me said...

Geez, Bo

I'm not sure how respond.

I'm no Obamabot.

He's way too centrist for me.

And why are you fixated on tossing salads?