Friday, February 22, 2008

Threats of violence toward Obama & his supporters

I wonder if this is something that the Secret Service should be made aware of?

I won't link to it because the authors don't deserve the hits, however, in a YouTube video with the disgusting title "Barack and Michelle Obama Supporters are Retards", one finds in the comments section a discussion about how much fun it would be to sit on a hill (adult carrot?) and take pot shots at Obama and his supporters with a "sniper rifle" and an "AR-15".

I'm a huge fan of the First Ammendment but are violent threats protected speech?

Are threats of violence ever funny?

Perhaps a sign of the right's desperation, definitely an indicator of the lack of decency of some on the Web, but most assuredly a sign of small, angry minds. Imagine the outcry from the Wingnuts if a liberal poster laughed at the idea of shooting Mr 19% and his fans.

Catch you later.....

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