Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Incredible Shrinking Bill of Rights

Tuesday's FISA vote goes to show, quite emphatically, that we need not just more Dems in Congress, but REAL Dems, Progressives, DFL'rs.

Minority Repugs have sufficiently neutered an adequate number of DINOs so that, though GOP policies are rejected my a clear majority of this nation's citizens, acts condoning criminality can get passed into law in the "World's Greatest Deliberative Body". An outrage!

But where is the wide spread condemnation? Where is the press?

Too busy covering Primary season as though it were a horse race.

Couric lobbing soft-balls, Fox sputtering madly, MSNBC playing with their wieners (not you, K.O.!), CNN doing god-knows-what.

How about some in-depth reporting on issues, policy differences, how about some real analysis? Too boring or too hard?

I'm gratified to know Democratic prospects look so good for the fall, but my frustration with the caliber of legislators is growing. More of the same spineless DINO's is just more of a bad thing.

I could go on but the NSA is banging at the door and they no longer need a warrant. For any of us.

Catch you later..... (I hope!)

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