Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As a service-connected disabled vet, I get my health care, when they're able, from the Veteran's Administration Hospital here in San Diego.

My last few visits have been a gut wrenching reminder of the costs of war and who it is that really pays when our nation uses the might of the military to achieve international policy goals.

If you've never been, vet or non-vet, I suggest you could learn a lot and do some real good by arranging with the volunteers to pay a goodwill visit to lonely, deserving wounded veterans at your local Vet's hospital. Especially easy here, as the hospital is way beyond capacity with vets suffering from some of the most brutal wounds ever survived. Some too gruesome to look at, some you can't even see. (Up yours, Bill-O!)

These valiant men and women answered their nation's call, served with honor and distinction. Will we, as American citizens, answer the call of veterans as valiantly? One hopes.

Catch you later.....

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