Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Charger Mania

Sunday was a remarkable day for this Chargers fan. As usual, the guys all met here for food, fun and, this week, a presumptive funeral. Don't get me wrong, we wanted the win, felt it was possible but had been told by experts not to expect too much. When we realized it would be necessary to beat the officials as well as the other team, hope waned. When by the final quarter injuries had cost us a Pro Bowl TE, an MVP RB and the starting QB, well, shit, start the dirge.

Five lead changes and a 4th quarter that will be an instant classic later, this place exploded! We could be heard all the way to the moon and back. This most fortunate result gave us pause. A lucky day for Bolts fans? Let's test this hypothesis with a trip to the local Indian casino to try our luck and watch the PM game.

This first post on my new blog is courtesy of the brand new laptop provided me by Native American generosity and a 21 dealer we like to call She who busts.

I hope to use this tool to inform and inflame, kvetch and moan, make new friends, new enemies (this means Wingnuts and Bible-thumpers) and stay in touch with the larger world. Politics are my interest, jokes a minor passion, baseball, sailing, reading reasons to get up and in the words of Garrison Keillor, "Do that which must be done."

Catch you later.....

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