Sunday, September 5, 2010

Math is a Religion?!? Calvin and Hobbes

I can't tell you how much I miss Calvin and Hobbes.  It always reminded me what it was like to live life with a child's wonder and imagination. I hope Calvin didn't grow up to become a cynical, disillusioned Wall Street corporate greed monger.  Or a priest.

Catch you later.....

(Edit) Or a Teabagger.

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PFL0W said...

You and me, man--I loved Calvin and Hobbes. The guy was so fresh, fun and original. It pains me now to see so many strips rip off his ideas--and then the others that are so either boring, repetitive or just plainly stupid. The best example of this, to me, is "Beetle Bailey". Between the repetition of themes and the ridiculous suggestions of violence (Sarge beating up Beetle, relentlessly), it just couldn't be any more vapid.

And then for the artist to end the strip, even though it was so successful, because, he felt, he didn't want to get repetitive or just suck the life out of the characters--man, you have to totally respect that. Even if we do have to do without Calvin and his pal.

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