Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thanks, Georgie, you're doin' a heck of a job!

Remember when the war in Iraq was going to pay for itself?


One extremely gratifying aspect of the Web is the ease with which one can go back and look anew at the lunacy of the Neocons and their demon-partners, the "religious" right.

Together, I think with malicious intent, these marginally aware, minimally conscious groups have brought us to the brink of the destruction of the American Dream. Out of pure avarice. Greed. The lust for power.

And in John McLame they offer us 4 more years of this mindless crap, with the added attraction of an anger management problem.

Meanwhile, democrats, progressives, liberals, whatever are fighting among themselves like a bunch of jealous sisters around prom time. Jeebus people, look at the stakes, grow a spine and get down to the dirty work that lies ahead.

Impeach Already! Protect the Constitution!

I've been looking hard at this on-line, learn Chinese at home deal, 'cause it looks like it'll be more important here in So-Cal than even Spanish before long. We're giving the store away!

The inter-personal, intra-party B.S. going on in the Netroots, cable news, and elsewhere is, frankly, disgusting, especially given the long term stakes.

Supreme Court, anyone?

Admiral Fallon's departure today does not bode well for the near term future. Think Bush will go for a hat-trick? Three wars in one Administration! War with Iran! Because Iraq was a typo?!

Our culture, history, current level of education, awareness does not bode well for taking the long view. Something that opposing entities (nations, philosophies, religions, whatever) seem to do easily.

Enlightened Self-Interest Anyone?

Catch you later.....

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